Fluid Foundation - Slo Ryde

We aren't sure how the band Fluid Foundation - hiding just under our radar - sprung up out of nowhere, but with their newest release, Slo Ryde, they sure are making an impact with their surfy-reggae tunes. This new album is a phenomenal set of songs, full of instant classics and special collabs with artists such as Micah Pueschel (Iration), Kaleo Wassman (Pepper), Marlon Asher (The Ganja Farmer), Dan Kelly (Fortunate Youth), and Kevin Offitzer (Stick Figure). As soon as we think we have a favorite, the next song comes on, and you're in love.

The band has been on tour promoting their new album, and if you get a chance to check them out, you should. They've also recently played at Rasta Paw, a reggae and arts festival supporting local animal charities, and is set to play at Rasta Paw's next event, Pawsitive Vibes, at the Garden Grove Amphitheatre on August 18, 2018. This upcoming event is headlined by Eli Mac, and supported by Fluid Foundation with special guest Dan Kelly, HighMinded, Ocean Natives, Special Blend, Roots of Mine, and Indica Roots

Don't miss out on this event, and be sure to check out Fluid Foundation and their new album!


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