Artists in Isolation (Book Pre-Sale)

*** Book Pre-Sale Available Now ***

When COVID-19 hit, artists and events-based businesses were among the first to be hit hard. We are no exception. It's been hard... very hard. 

As a very small, events-based  business, it has impacted us more than I could explain here. 

As a photographer, I wanted to document how COVID life has been for the local artists in the San Diego area. What started out as a creative project for my own sanity has grown into what will be a photo book that will be available as a collection of images depicting the artists at home, in their community, and really wherever they are able to perform - but definitely not in the normal fashion.

How are artists coping with this new way of life? It's different for each artist. Some are able to pivot and adapt. Others are devastated. 

All proceeds from the sales of this book will be going towards keeping Reggae Ranch alive and going. Reggae Ranch is set up to be an artist retreat, private event venue, and art center for the community.

Some of the artists featured in this book include:

  • Aaron Wolf - Musician, Aaron Wolf
  • Alific - Musician, Alific
  • Brian Zach - Musician, SYNRGY
  • Conga Kurty - Musician, HIRIE
  • Dread Kennedy - Musician, Dread Kennedy, Ital Vibes
  • Felix Sierra - Musician, SM Familia
  • Gerry Vasquez - Musician, SYNRGY, Ireality
  • Indica Roots - Band
  • Kaleo Wassman - Musician, Pepper
  • Kaya Hall - Musician, Sensi Trails, Strictly Skunk
  • KBong - Musician, KBong, Stick Figure
  • Krystal Dyer - Live Visual Artist
  • Jimmy Ovadia - Live Visual Artist
  • No Kings - Band
  • Ocean Natives - Band
  • Ozzie Sanchez - Content Creator, We Should Smoke, Stoney Adventure
  • Scott Clayton - Musician, New Leaf; Owner, On Point Promotions
  • Sensi Trails - Band
  • Tim Azzy - Musician; Booking With Tim

Help us support our mission to keep live art alive in our communities! 

Pre-Order your copy by clicking here!

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