One Love Cali Reggae Fest 2020 Lineup Announced!

2020 One Love Cali Reggae Festival Lineup Announced!

What has become a Southern California tradition is continuing on for its 5th year. The lineup, not surprisingly, is one that no doubt has many realizing that this is an event that can't be missed. 

One of the most obvious differences from previous years is the addition of a new stage. Dubbed the "Roots & Culture Stage," the lineup at the new stage is one that not only adds the roots into this festival, but also pays homage to the living legends of the genre. 

Though there seems to be much controversy surrounding the direction of Reggae, it has to be said that all things progress. The roots and foundation of this genre has inspired so many, and like any art form, we should respect the path laid by those who came before us while we admire the progress and direction of the young and up-and-comers. 

There aren't too many festivals that can put together this kind of lineup in the Southern California region. We are optimistically excited for this event, and crossing our fingers that the weather works out this year. 


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