Trail Blazin' with DreadKnot

We love learning about and sharing new and up-and-coming bands. We recently came across DreadKnot, and had a chance to listen to their new EP, Trail Blazin'. We were excited to learn more about them, and had the opportunity to interview the band and talk about their new project.

SDVibes: Introduce yourselves - tell us about your band.

DreadKnot: We started the band while living in Lake Havasu City, AZ, and relocated up to Portland, OR. We are a combination of modern rock and reggae. We are currently a 3 piece, performing our music acoustical for the time being as we lost our drummer due to relocation. Justin Marshall is the lead singer/ guitar, Ryan Smart plays keys and guitar, and Tanner Town is our bass player. We just released our first EP "Trail Blazin' " in November of 2019.

SDVibes: What is your music philosophy as a band?

DreadKnot: We aim to make people feel good about themselves and others.

SDVibes: How did your band come together as a group? 

DreadKnot: We had several iterations of the band before we established the current 3 members. We started just over a year ago. Justin Marshall started the band and brought in Tanner, who he was in a previous project with. We then brought on Ryan Smart as a keyboard player and guitarist, who Tanner knew through Ryan's girlfriend. There have been several drummers along the way, but after our relocation in December, we were not able to bring our last one along.

SDVibes: What is the one thing you want people to know about your band?

DreadKnot: We want people to know that we have an unyielding drive to show the world what we are made of. We want send a positive message to the masses and inspire others to create and break the mold.

SDVibesTell us about your latest project.

DreadKnot: Our latest project was our recently released EP, "Trail Blazin'." It was our first attempt at a record. It is 5 Tracks, every one of them with their own flavor. The songs on this EP were all representative of a tour that we took last summer up to the Pacific Northwest. We headed up to Oregon in our school bus to play a music festival, which is depicted on the cover art of the EP. The process was a learning experience for all of us as the album was produced in house by Ryan, our keyboardist. We are excited to make the next one!

SDVibes: Will you be on tour in the near future? Where can we see you live?

DreadKnot: We are planning a summer tour down the West Coast and through the Southwest for 2020. Currently we are booking in the Pacific Northwest.

You can find more information about DreadKnot at, and their music is available on all streaming platforms.


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