A Nightmare on 80's Street

When I was getting ready for this gig to shoot A Nightmare on 80s Street, I thought, "ok, so it's a local 80's cover band... this could be a night full of cringing or it could be a fun night with some cool tunes." Boy, was I in for a BIG SURPRISE.

This band was everything I could hope for and more. From their 80's nightmare-fueled horror costumes to their perfectly synthed songs... they were epic 80's perfection. All. Night. Long.

I have no other words that could more perfectly describe this band, except that if you love 80's music and have the chance, you HAVE to see this band. Do it. You'll thank me later. 

Photos by Sue Shaw on June 18, 2021, at The Holding Company in Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA.

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