A New Year's Eve On Fire

How can you beat a New Year's Eve party in Las Vegas? Well, you can't... unless you throw Stick Figure and Iya Terra into the mix. Place the party at the Brooklyn Bowl and you’ve just added the cherry on top. 

The beauty about the fans of Stick Figure and Iya Terra is that they are all basically one big family. All are there to enjoy the magic of the music, and share in the celebration together knowing that there is no moment more magical and important than the present one. We couldn't think of a better way to ring in the new year, and new decade, than with the Stick Figure Family. 

After shutting down the main street in front of the venue to take a Stick Figure Family photo, the VIP ticket holders lined up to go in early, as part of their package. These VIP guests were getting ready for their chance to see Stick Figure in an intimate setting - essentially getting their very own private concert before the venue was filled up to capacity for the SOLD OUT show. It's a phenomenal experience that the dedicated Stick fan would not want to miss, and certainly delivers more bang for the buck.

Once doors opened, the venue filled up quickly and the fans were buzzing with anticipation. 

Iya Terra opened the show with an amazing performance. It was a powerful set, being on the eve of the new decade, and even more so it being in the band's hometown. Iya Terra's sound is inspiring, full of rock riffs with an empowering vibe and lyrics. It's not often that you’d find yourself at a reggae show and see the band headbanging with their dreads, but somehow it works... and it works so well that it’s nearly impossible to not find yourself dancing and singing loudly along. When Stick Figure’s leadman, Scott Woodruff, joined the stage to sing his verse in Iya’s “Give Thanks” towards the end of their set, the fans went nuts. Iya Terra’s performance seemed flawless, and you could feel the entire crowd engaging and responding positively. 

The energy was high as Iya Terra finished and the stage was getting prepped for Stick Figure to come on. A white curtain was raised in front of the stage and the air felt electrified with anticipation. As the lights started to shift and the sounds of music started filling the air, you could feel the excitement rise as all couldn’t wait for what was in store. The lights started, the music started, electricity filled the air, and right when “Above The Storm” kicked in, the curtain fell, balloons were released and the fans cheered wildly. Pure magic. 

When it was time for the official countdown, the music stopped and all raised their glasses for the official toast. Once the clock struck midnight, we were showered with colorful confetti shot from cannons on either side of the stage and the crowd erupted in cheers, screaming “Happy New Year!!” As the hugs and kisses commenced, Stick Figure played an electric guitar version of “Auld Lang Syne,” and you knew that there was nowhere better to be in this moment surrounded by all the love being shared. 

Without missing a beat, the band flowed right into “Once in a Lifetime,” off their new album “World on Fire.” Ironically, you wouldn’t know that it was a new song with what seemed like the entire crowd singing along with the lyrics. And why wouldn’t they know it - this album has charted as the #1 reggae album on Billboard for 15 weeks, and has been on the charts for 18. As Scott sang the line, “this is once in a lifetime,” with the crowd singing along - you could tell that we all knew this to be 100% TRUTH. This moment, right here, was more than just once in a lifetime. It was one truly special moment to share.

The rest of the night seemed like one big magical blur with two full hours of the trance-like/surfy/reggae sounds that only Stick Figure brings. Confetti cannons went off multiple times, and balloons were released again before the end of the night, and kept the crowd pumped. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who could have wished to be anywhere else on this night.


All photos shot by Sue Shaw, CEO/Photographer, Sun Drenched Vibes, LLC.


Sue Shaw

Thanks, everyone! It was truly an amazing event, and I’m so happy to have been able to bring the vibes to you!


Thanks so much for such a great write up!!!

aaron richardville

Wow! What a write up! Brought me right back to that night. Thank you for capturing it. It was a pleasure meeting you!

Angel Raygoza

Awesome write up! Didn’t make it to this one, but these shots and words make me feel those good vibes! 😊🤙🏽

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