Common Kings & Nattali Rize

On March 9, 2019, we spent the evening with some amazing artists at The Observatory North Park in San Diego. Common Kings and Nattali Rize put on a high-energy performance to a pumped crowd for the San Diego stop of their 2019 Winter Tour.

If you haven't had a chance to see either of these artists live, you are truly missing out! The first time we saw Common Kings live, we had heard of them, but didn't know much of their music. It didn't matter. Their live performance is so great, that we were dancing and vibing along with them regardless of our lack of knowledge of their music. 

Nattali Rize always delivers a stunning performance. Her energy, her VOICE, and her message are on point and fills you with that feeling that you are witnessing something extraordinary. 

We highly recommend seeing these groups live - you will not be disappointed! 

Nattali Rize -

Common Kings - 

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