Fortunate Youth - Irie State Tour 2017

This was an absolute fun event. Great vibes were had and shared at this event, held at The Observatory North Park in San Diego, CA, on November 25, 2017. 

First, security was a little hyper-vigilant, especially seeing as this was a REGGAE concert. However, if you don't mind a TSA x 100 approach to security checks and pat downs (feel-ups?) then no biggie. This seems to be a running theme with this venue, and apparently if you're profiled the right way (or attractive, from what I've been told?) then you will receive quite the groping by the security personnel to find any kind of contraband, which includes sharpies, btw.

Once you finally make it through the security check, the venue is pretty decent. What used to be the North Park Theater, which for many years was home to the San Diego Lyric Opera (RIP), has now been transformed into a live music/concert venue. Some parts are beautiful, like the ceilings and the old-timey theater remnants. Other parts (floors, carpeting, bathrooms) have a lot to be desired. The ventilation could be upgraded, and if the place is sold-out, then find those nifty vents in the floor to stand over and you're golden. 

Sesamotion, Arise Roots, and Long Beach Dub Allstars opened for Fortunate Youth, and all were great that night. The vibe was chill, and there were many names in attendance. We had the pleasure of meeting Dan Kelly, the lead singer of Fortunate Youth, while taking a break on the back patio. He is a super cool dude and very approachable. We also found Karim Isreal, the lead singer of Arise Roots, hanging out by the merch booth, ready and willing to take a photo with you. These guys are super humble, which makes it all that much easier to support their bands. 

Fortunate Youth's smooth reggae style full of "baby-making music," as Dan calls it, has a great sound and a great vibe. They sound fantastic, and have been at this long enough to have a decent setlist. If you haven't checked them out, do yourself a favor and give them a try. 

We have become instant fans of FY after seeing them live, and can't wait to see them again. Vegas in March, 2018? Maybe you'll see us there. 

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