Fulla Vibes - Club Kingston

On Wednesday, August 24, 2022, we came together to pay tribute to a lost legend and to honor the tradition made famous by this man - the late, great DJ Carlos Culture. I'm sure you've heard of "Reggae Wednesdays" at the iconic Winstons in Ocean Beach, CA. Club Kingston, Fulla Vibes, whatever your reference to it - all that matters is you knew it was Carlos at the helm with a fire lineup and so much love to share.

To say that we, the community, have missed these events since the untimely passing of this local legend would be an understatement. It was during the pandemic that he passed away, and so I suppose that softened the blow a bit - seeing as how there wasn't an abrupt halt to these events since the shows were already temporarily shutdown due to the COVID fallout. We adapted, as did everyone, to the closure of Winstons, to the lack of Club Kingston, and to the absence of a legend. 

Sometimes it's easy to forget how much something meant to you. Don't get me wrong - conceptually, we know. However, showing up on this Wednesday and seeing everyone come together for this made it not only REAL... it was a reminder of what we once had, and lost.

One of the things that makes Club Kingston so special is the presence of local artists and creatives coming together as a community at this iconic little venue. In speaking with some of these artists, we did agree that no one can ever replace Carlos. And, even though we all understood this to be the truth, the biggest lesson that came from being at the event on this particular Wednesday was that Carlos wouldn't want us to let his legacy die with him, and so if Club Kingston is to return with another in his place, we are here for it... for Carlos.

So if we really want to honor Carlos, we can choose to not only focus on the good in each other, but also do what we can to lift each other up, just like Carlos would have. It doesn't have to take much - showing support, appreciation, and genuinely caring for each other can go a long way. You may never know how much a few words of encouragement can mean to someone, but please don't let that stop you.

This one's for you, Carlos. Thank you for believing in me.

Peace & Love,

Sue, Sun Drenched Vibes




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