High Vibes at the Belly Up with KBong

On a Thursday night in Solana Beach, positive vibrations filled the space in the legendary Belly Up Tavern as KBong, Boostive, and Vana Liya played beautiful sets for their captivated audience. 

Vana Liya has come a long way from singing covers on her YouTube channel to touring with KBong. Her sound is filling out, and as her confidence grows, we can't help but smile as we remember watching her sing her sweet ukulele tunes with that angelic voice. 

Boostive is a band that continues to enthrall us. The mix of instruments, and the seemingly flawless unison of the band as they play is very cool to watch. It's as if they are jamming and having fun, rather than playing a planned set. It is such a pleasure to experience this band live.

As KBong takes the stage with his band, we are reminded of all sorts of things. How great it is to hear live music again. How much we missed seeing some of our favorite bands play. How grateful we are to be living this life. How thankful we are to have such great people in our lives, and how lucky we are to be experiencing each moment with the right people. KBong writes songs that touch our hearts, and performs them with such a wonderful presence that you can't help but be happy. Smiling faces all around. 





Written and photographed by Sue Shaw, September 23, 2021.

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