Live Stream Benefit for Carlos Culture

San Diego lost a legend when DJ Carlos Culture passed away in late August, 2020. Many in the local reggae scene have been deeply inspired by Carlos over the years. 

As someone who struggles to feel "good enough" (which is definitely work to get past), it's so meaningful to have people in my life that not only make me feel worthy, but encourage me to go for it.

Carlos would pull me aside and say "This could be you! THIS COULD BE YOU!" He not only saw ME but he saw what I could become. He believed in me before I did.

One night at Winstons, during a famed "Reggae Wednesday" event, Carlos was the first person on a microphone to shout out Sun Drenched Vibes. It was the ultimate honor, as well as a confidence boost that I was moving in the right direction.

He supported me. He stood up for me. He made introductions for me, and talked about me like I was the BEST. I've been working to live up to that ever since and will continue to do so in his memory. Carlos, you will be missed dearly by the whole San Diego community. 

On Tuesday, September 1, 2020, New Leaf, SYNRGY, Psydecar, and Sensi Trails played a live stream at The Holding Company, location of his typical Tuesday event "Reggae Tuesdaze," in his honor and benefiting the Go Fund Me set up for his family.

Sensi Trails





New Leaf

 All photos by Sue Shaw, CEO/Photographer, Sun Drenched Vibes, LLC.

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