Montell Jordan at THC

On a Thursday night in July, The Holding Company (THC) in Ocean Beach had some fun with Montell Jordan. People were excited to see this 90's Hip Hop star in the intimate club-like setting of THC, and we were ready for it.

"Music is time travel," mused Montell, as he prepared to go on stage. He's right. Music has the power to transport you back in time to the memories attached to it, whether it be a memory of the first time you heard it, or memories created by a special event or keystone moment in your life.

For some of us, Montell's music takes us back to when we started dating our significant other. For others, it transports us to fun college-era party times. Whatever it is - we are appreciative of the magic that this music brings to us.

Check out the gallery, and let us know what memories these songs bring back to you!


Photos by Sue Shaw, taken on July 22, 2021, at and in collaboration with The Holding Company in Ocean Beach, CA.

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