S'more Than a Feeling - Community in Collaboration

On December 9, 2021, a very special benefit event took place at Saint Archer Brewery in San Diego. World collaboration was the theme of this event, starting with a muffin by local veteran owned Muffin But Good Vibes

In honor of and benefiting the local non-profit, Hiking My Feelings, who are on a mission to share the healing power of nature, Craig McKnight of Muffin But Good Vibes created the S'More Than a Feeling muffin. 

In turn, this special muffin collab, benefiting the non-profit, was used to brew the S'more Than a Feeling Stout by Saint Archer Brewing Company

The release of these collaborations were celebrated at Saint Archer with live music at the San Diego Saint Archer tasting room included performances by Karim Israel of Arise Roots, Nicholas Dell, and Tomboyce Avenue.

Joined by supporters of all involved, the night was full of nothing but good vibes, good muffins, and good brews.


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