One Love Peace Protest - Cherry Beach

On Saturday, June 27, 2020, local musicians gathered at Cherry Beach in Long Beach, CA, to spread the message of peace and unity through their art. 

"ALL lives don't matter until the BLACK ones do!"

"No Justice - No Peace!"

These words echoed throughout the day, as these artists came together to play live music for the people who were there to stand up for equality and justice for all. 

Just before sunset, Damiean Timothy, known on stage as "Victor Spoilz", Pato Banton's drummer, made a moving speech, and had this to say regarding it:

"Do not lose track of who we are and the progress we've made as it pertains to our self image over the generations of our country. I don't know how far I can get in life, or a battle for equality, or for justice reform, if I'm stuck at a fundamental argument over the worth and merit of my life. To me, that's something that shouldn't be debated, so let's not open up the floor for that debate. What good can happen in my life if I start to appeal to myself as royalty or with a more regal sensibility? The one thing that won't be in question is my place in humanity. And so we could get on with the important debates to be had about racial, socioeconomic, gender, religious, and orientation equality. I think it's important to educate ourselves about ALL the events taking place for ourselves, and not let others who may not fully understand or be as invested in the pain or the purpose, attempt to bring about anger, rage, fear, or jealousy to good people. It's very important for us to be reminded that true equality comes from reinforcing the power of love. Inward and outward. We can't make others see what we see at times, and we need to be able to accept that, and focus our attention on those willing to talk with one another from a spirit of true cohesion, and not contempt. Remembering to Be mindful of those around you, not everyone is as invested in change as you might be, so take the time to know the character of those around you so you don't end up wasting everyone's time. Love is the answer. Love is the message. But both of these things require hard work, patience, and overstanding. And I think many of us are finding out what it really means. To be revolutionary in America. What it can cost you, what's actually necessary vs. what our anger and ego are telling us to do. We're learning that we need to be smarter, more organized, with stronger representation and a unified message armed with a strategy in order to carry out that message for the betterment of all people. Because we all want the future, but the only way we will get there, is together. Lovewise."

Artists who performed at the peaceful protest include The Late Ones, Shakamon, Dread Kennedy, Quinto Sol, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Eureka Sound, The Lucky Ones, Krooked Treez, Doralee, Kat Hall, Lake Dub, Last Fix, Elihu, Sabriety, and CODA.


Photo credit: Sue Shaw, CEO/Photographer, Sun Drenched Vibes, LLC

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