Stoopid Party at Petco Park

What could be more San Diego, than a party at Petco Park with Slightly Stoopid?

And what a party it was! The event was held at the beautiful Gallagher Square, aka "the park at the park", on September 11, 2021. With its sloping grass hill and trees, partiers were provided a soft place to hang out, sit, and view the show, while still having plenty of room to roam.

All the bands turned out powerhouse performances, including Boostive, The Elovators, Don Carlos, Thievery Corporation, and last but not least - Slightly Stoopid - with special guests Jamey "Zeb" Dekofsky (Tribal Seeds), Chali 2na,  and Marlon Asher. 

The vibes were all about family, and felt like a reunion of sorts, which seems to be the feeling at many of the recent shows. These larger shows definitely remind us what we've been missing the most in the last year or so.  

Check out the gallery below and let us know what your next big show will be! We'd love to see you out there!







All photos by Sue Shaw

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