Sensi Trails Giving Back to OB

What do you do when you're a band in COVID-19 lockdown, you're itching to play in front of an audience, AND there's a birthday in the band? You get creative. 

That's what the local band, Sensi Trails, did this weekend. It was Kyle Rising's (lead vocals, guitar) birthday, and he wanted to put on a show. So they rented a flatbed trailer, planned a mobile concert that would allow responsible social distancing, and the rest is history. 

Interest was building while the band was warming up and checking mics. But once they began rockin' the streets of Ocean Beach, CA, people were excited. 

You could see as passers by were smiling and appreciative of the vibes being put out. As interest grew, so did the audience. Before we knew it, the show had turned into a parade of people walking/running, skateboarding, riding bikes, keeping their social distancing. Additionally, there were several cars following, including a couple of vintage VW buses. I can't tell you how many times we heard someone say, "this is so OB!"

And it was. Totally and completely Ocean Beach. The sun was shining, the sky was clear, and people were hanging out in their yards, up on their balconies, and even on rooftops groovin' to the tunes being pumped out by the band. 

What a gift to the the people who have been sheltering at home, and it wasn't even OUR birthday!! 

By the way... Happy Birthday, Kyle! 

If you'd like to learn more about Sensi Trails, check them out on Facebook or Instagram. Their new video, "Spaceship," is out now on Youtube

All photos taken by Sue Shaw, CEO/Photographer, Sun Drenched Vibes, LLC. 

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