We Should Vibe - Live Stream With Ital Vibes & Eureka Sound

Live-streams have become a staple during these strange times we are living in. On Friday, June 26, 2020, Ital Vibes and Eureka Sound played their music for the masses in one of the best streamed productions we've experienced.

Ozzie Sanchez, of We Should Smoke/We Should Vibe/Stoney Adventure, helps bring these smaller bands to the forefront by producing these special live-stream events. It's all about the right kind of vibes, and pushing positivity - and we are here for every bit of it.

Ryan Kordich, vocals/keys for Eureka Sound, shared how great it felt to play live again. It was a reminder of how impacting the last few months have been.

Keep an eye out for future events from We Should Vibe/We Should Smoke/Stoney Adventure. These events are just getting better and better.


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