Moon Drenched Vibes Edition - Peace Mood Mist

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Moon Drenched Vibes - Limited Edition

*Available for pre-order until the next full moon - May 15/16th's "Flower Moon." Pre-order purchases will ship on May 17th.* 

Charged under the Full Moon - filling it with all the spring magic and loving vibes that May has to bring. Additionally, this month's full moon coincides with a "Blood Moon," a total lunar eclipse!

What if I choose Peace?

You deserve Peace...

Fresh and clean-scented, white sage "mood" mists will refresh your space and mood.

The white sage used in this mist is ethically and sustainably hand-harvested with love and abundant intention, at our ranch in Julian, CA. 

White sage is naturally anti-microbial and has been used as plant medicine and for ceremonial purposes by the Kumeyaay people for centuries. White sage clears all energy - so you get to set your intentions on what you want to allow back in.

Each bottle of mist is crystal-charged with water-safe citrine. Citrine brings joy, wonder, and enthusiasm to every part of your life. It helps you release negative emotions, like fear and doubt. It encourages optimism, warmth, motivation, and clarity. Citrine enhances mindful qualities, encourages creativity, and supports concentration.

Patchouli, known as the "hippie" scent, relieves depression, provides feelings of relaxation, helps ease stress or anxiety, and boosts libido.

Ingredients: water, salvia apiana (white sage) leaf extract, pogostemon cablin (patchouli) oil

- Citrine crystal-charged
- Therapeutic grade essential oil
- Handcrafted with love and abundant intention
- Smokeless energy cleanse
- Small, woman-owned business

How to use:
- Shake gently
- Mist your room, your pillow, your linens, or yourself!
- Set your intention - choosing peace.

These mood mists come in a travel-sized (2 oz) option, as well as the larger (4 oz) option, and is perfect for spaces where smoke-cleansing is not an option. This mist is intended to smell fresh, not overpowering


Notes: Not intended for internal use. Should not be used as a substitute for sanitizers or to treat medical conditions. Do not use it if it causes irritation. Consult your physician if you have any concerns.

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