White Sage Mood Mist - Original

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What if I choose my mood?

You deserve to choose how you want to feel...

Fresh and clean-scented, white sage "mood" mists will refresh your space and mood.

The white sage used in this mist is ethically and sustainably hand-harvested with love and abundant intention, at our ranch in Julian, CA. 

White sage is naturally anti-microbial and has been used as plant medicine and for ceremonial purposes by the Kumeyaay people for centuries. White sage clears all energy - so you get to set your intentions on what you want to allow back in.

Each bottle is crystal-charged with water-safe clear quartz. Clear Quartz is the master healer, amplifies energy, stimulates the immune system, and brings balance.

Ingredients: water (clear quartz charged), salvia apiana (white sage) leaf extract


- Clear quartz crystal-charged
- Handcrafted with love and abundant intention 
- Smokeless energy cleanse
- Small, woman-owned business

How to use:
- Shake gently
- Mist your room, your pillow, your linens, or yourself!
- Set your intention - choose how you want to feel

These mood mists come in a travel-sized (2 oz) option, as well as the larger (4 oz) option, and is perfect for spaces where smoke-cleansing is not an option. This mist is intended to smell fresh, not overpowering. 


Notes: Not intended for internal use. Should not be used as a substitute for sanitizers or to treat medical conditions. Do not use it if it causes irritation. Consult your physician if you have any concerns.

Customer Reviews

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Melissa Wunch
Love it

No other words . I just love it!!!!!!

Michelle Cummings

So pure and natural no dues or chemicals! So refreshing!

Melissa O'Beck
Smells great

I love the smell of sage. I am excited to do the moon with My Hiking my feelings group

Raul Cisneros
Great fresh!

Give this a try! This is a great mist, great bottle and product. You can feel the freshness in each mist. Use a bit everyday and spray each night since I got it. Great product!

Ozzie Sanchez
Refresh and Revibe

Loving the Wild Sage Mist, such a lovely refreshing smell and feel! From the info pamphlet that comes with it, you instantly learn a lot about the refreshing benefits of the product! Immediately began using it and haven’t stopped yet!