Slightly Stoopid Drive-In Concert in Del Mar

For the bulk of this year, there has been an extreme lack of concerts due to COVID-19. A few of us sat around one day and thought, why aren't we doing drive-in style concerts? And then it happened! 

On October 10, 2020, Slightly Stoopid graced the stage at the Del Mar Fairgrounds for a night of live music. The last time the full band had assembled to play a show, it was at One Love Cali Reggae Fest in Long Beach, CA, on February 9, 2020. 

DJ's Green T and Unite got the crowd pumped with some 90's hip hop and reggae as people were getting settled into their designated drive-in spots and awkwardly dealt with COVID protocols. 

The band hit the stage, and the crowd was excited. This was, for some people, the first live music they'd experienced since March of this year.

At this particular show, Slightly Stoopid was joined on stage by Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Chali 2na (Jurassic 5 and Ozomatli), and Marlon Asher. You could see on all their faces that it was a joy to be back on stage again.

We are all still dealing with the strangeness of it all. The restrictions, the rules, the polarizing views and opinions. But we can all agree that the music is worth it. The feeling we get from experiencing full band live music is like none other. And we are grateful for however we can get it during these strange times.

All photos shot by Sue Shaw, CEO/Founder, Sun Drenched Vibes, LLC.

Special Thanks go to Silverback Artist Management, Concerts In Your Car, Del Mar Fairgrounds, and the whole StoopidHeads Family. 

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